Playing Under the Pandemic

Playing Under the Pandemic

Montreal (CA): Summer season has come to a close and teams have settled into the “new” normal in playing soccer in Montreal.  Over 50 teams signed up to play this summer with the Canadian Corporate Soccer League (CCSL) and several have shown a resilience to the new norm.

“We all need to live,” said Joleen Khoury player on a coed team on Thursday nights, “we are grateful that the league has decided to run their programs again,” she concluded.

The CCSL partnered with the US-based application, PELOTEA, to allow players to self-diagnose themselves before every game. “We are pleasantly surprised to see that the application is working,” said Albert Zbily, president of the CCSL, “in fact, we excluded over 40 players from showing up to the field, due to the application’s identification of a possible infection.”

The new application PELOTEA, allows for players to self-diagnose 24 hours before kick-off, based on the answers of the players, the application will categorize the player under a green, yellow or red light.  Red light players are not permitted to show up to the field. Players are then greeted by a match delegate wielding a thermometer gun to make sure no player with a fever enters the field of play.

“The system is not perfect, but it definitely makes me feel better knowing the league is taking all its disposition to protect the players,” said Alex Doumaye, captain of Peaky Blinders FC, who played in the Premiership division.

“I hope this is not the new normal, but in the meantime, we all have to do our part in order to eradicate this virus and attempt for all of us to return to our normal routines,” said Kyle Davis, captain of Dynamo de Montreal.

“We are hoping that players begin to feel more at ease to return to play as we gradually increase our operations,” said Albert Zbily

The CCSL continues to deliver its programming even during the pandemic, through various divisions and other formats of play.

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