The Premiership was established in 2009 and was designed to bring an elite level of play to advanced corporate teams. Over the years, these corporate teams have experienced a turnover in their ranks and have seen many talented players leave for other companies. Although these teams strove to remain competitive, many fell to the lower divisions and their places were taken over by more advanced and well-structured soccer clubs. These clubs were mostly made up of very talented players who have since stopped playing competitively and wanted an easier level to compete in. As the competition increased, the demand for this division increased.
As a natural progression, the Premiership will now take on a more independent role from its corporate history and begin to focus on becoming an alternative option to competitive clubs. From 2021, a new chapter of the Premiership is born.

The Premiership will offer:

  • 90 minutes of 11 × 11 soccer play during summer
  • Crew of 4 referees (FIFCO accredited)
  • Limited Substitution per ACS / USSF standards
  • Video streaming (some lives) of the matches

Previous Champions

  • 2023 Ultras FC
  • 2022 White Eagles
  • 2021 Les Éléphants
  • 2020 Peaky Blinders FC
  • 2019 Selection LSCC FC
  • 2018 Sky United FC
  • 2017 Sky United FC
  • 2016 Sky United FC
  • 2015 Sky United FC
  • 2014 Selection LSCC FC
  • 2013 Expats de Montreal FC
  • 2012 Team Babylon
  • 2011 FC Ubisoft
  • 2010 Internazionale FC
  • 2009 SNC Lavalin FC
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