We offer special tournaments with amazing prizes:

  • Specialised tournaments for all sectors

  • 1-day fun days – join in the fun!

  • Playing, networking & eating!

Teams Formats Available Summer


28 July

1-day CASH CUP

  • Winner-take-all $10.000 cash prize
  • Play 7v7 tournament (guaranteed 3 games)
  • Forbes field
  • Register early
  • 3 tiers to sign up
    • First 8 – 500$+tx
    • Second 8 – 750$+tx
    • Last 8 – 1000$+tx

8 spots only


8 spots only


8 spots only

Canadian Qualifiers for the WCCC


Corporate teams can participate and qualify for the next World Corporate Champions Cup

  • 1-day 5v5 tournament
  • 3 guaranteed games
  • Winner qualifies as Canadian Representative to the Games in October
  • Winner receives prize money towards the big event
  • August 2023
  • $495+tx per team

Corporate Champions League

Corporate Champions League

At the end of every season, winners of each division face-off in a one-day tournament to see who will be the Corporate Champion of the summer leagues

  • 1-day tournament 7v7 format
  • Free for 1st place finishers of each division
  • 2024 TBA

Coupe des Architectes et Immobilier du Québec

Coupe des architectes et immobilier du Québec

Every year, the industry gets together for a fun-day of networking, BBQ and some soccer!

  • 1-day 7v7 format
  • 3 games guaranteed
  • BBQ
  • Souvenir T-shirt
  • Open to all Architechte, Real Estate and Construction teams
  • $995+tx

Teams Formats Available Fall

Autumn Classic 7X7

Autumn Classic 7v7

One day, fun-day. Networking, eating and soccer – come out and meet new people and have fun at the same time. Recreational style tournament

  • 1-day event
  • 7v7 format
  • 3 guaranteed games
  • BBQ + Souvenirs
  • $495+tx
  • September 2024

Teams Formats Available Winter

7X7 Tournament


5X5 Tournament


*All team registrations will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deposit is required to secure your spot.

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