IBM Canada wins

IBM Canada 2018/19 Champions League winner
01 June 2019 – the Canadian Corporate Soccer Leauge (CCSL) hosted the Canadian Corporate Champions League and the Canadian Qualifier for the 2019 World Corporate Champions Cup at the District 5 Soccer centre over the weekend and produced some great soccer and some new rivalries.

The Corporate Champions League pits all the first place finishers of the winter season and has them all meet up in a head-to-head tournament style challenge.  The winning team takes the honours and the bragging rights for a full year.

“This extra little tournament goes a long way, “ said Albert ZBILY, president of CCSL, “the players play all season, they work hard and if something goes wrong in their playoffs, they are out – the Corporate Champions League is a small redemption for those to get a second chance to a trophy.”

The CCSL also hosted the Qualifiers for the next World Corporate Champions Cup.  Four teams qualified from this past winter season, which included heavy favourite such as PwC, Deloitte and CAE, but it was IBM Canada, the underdog of the tournament, who went all the way to win glory and the chance to represent Canada at the next FIFCO world event.

“I think we will take it this time, “ said Gaby Abou Merhi of PwC.  The old rivalries of Deloitte and PwC were prevalent, but both could not stand up to the little underdog team of IBM Canada, with the final match seeing IBM beat 5-1 the heavily favourite PwC.

“I think there is great demand for this type of soccer in Canada,” said Albert, commenting on the 5v5 indoor format. “I believe that as the sport grows, so will the demand and the soccer centres will grow out of it.”

The 5v5 format is set by the International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO), the world governing body of corporate soccer, as it is the format of their world championship.  IBM will now head overseas to represent Canada and their company at the next FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup.

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