New Female division for summer 2021

New Female division for summer 2021

Montreal (CA) The Canadian Corporate Soccer League (CCSL) announced today its launch of a new female division to run its course this summer. With the recent government announcements and the easing of some restrictions, the CCSL has launched its summer lineup, which will feature a new all-female 7v7 outdoor and indoor division. 

“This pandemic has caused havoc for many, in their personal and economic lives. We at the (CCSL) have stayed close to the radar and followed all government protocols to ensure a safe environment for our players and staff,” said Albert Zbily, president of the CCSL.

The new all-female division is following the international trend within corporate leagues to offer a female-only option.  The CCSL is actively planning and working with its local partners to introduce innovation within the amateur network. To prepare for the upcoming summer season, CCSL will run some experiments with VAR technology on some games, as a way to continue to improve officiating. 

The league will continue to offer its staple events and divisions in the downtown area, a way to get people to return to the core of the city.  “We are making sure that all our initiatives fall within the parameters of government and sanitary protocols. But we also want to promote a full return to the downtown area,” concluded Albert.

The CCSL feels confident to be able to host a summer Champions League in order to qualify a corporate team to head to the FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup to be held in Dubai in October 2021.

To sign up your team this summer – download the brochure or visit our registration page for more information.The CCSL is Canada’s largest corporate soccer league dedicated to promoting a healthy work-life balance in and out of the office. Creating both internal and external business networks at the same time of playing a very friendly game of soccer.  The CCSL is expanding throughout Canada and actively looking for partners in various cities. To get involved, contact the main office.  The CCSL is fully accredited by the International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO).

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