1) Conditions of participation
-Team captains, managers, human resources managers and / or team leaders take responsibility for paying all costs to the league prior to the first game of the season. Your involvement in the league is a legally binding contract and a financial responsibility to the league. Failure to do so will constitute a loss of any deposit to secure team places and will result in other fees and charges which the league reserves the right to charge in the event of a loss.

-Your club, its members and participants agree to abide by the league rules as published on our website and sent to you at the start of each season. The Canadian Corporate Soccer League (CCSL) reserves the right and absolute discretion to change these rules from time to time without notice.

-We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person, club, organisation or association of our leagues and / or competitions without giving any reason; or exclude a person, club, organisation or association from our league and / or competitions for violating these conditions or the league’s playing rules or for any fault of its players / parents / organisers / fans.

-The league communicates by e-mail and by newsletter. Team captains, managers, officials and / or organizers are responsible for sharing all league correspondence with its members and participants. The league will not accept any excuse for ignoring communication messages. In the event of communication failure, messages must be communicated to the league and have a working email address for all correspondence.

-Each participant, member, coach of your club agrees to electronically sign a league release form before participating in a game, practice or event organized by the CCSL.

2) Fees
-Once your team has confirmed a spot in one of our divisions in a given season, you will receive an official invoice. This invoice is due upon receipt. The league reserves the right to withdraw a team from a given division if payment is not received within a reasonable time.
-In accepting your place on the team, the club is responsible for placing a non-refundable deposit of $ 250 to secure the team’s place. Your club can cancel participation within 7 days of receipt of invoice and receive the deposit of $ 250 as a refund.

-Your club is responsible for placing a refundable deposit of $ 150 in addition to the usual team fees. This deposit will be withheld against any fines imposed on the club during the regular season. Fines include the accumulation of yellow and red cards, as well as any other disciplinary fines imposed by the league. At the end of the season, the club can recover the balance of this deposit or apply it in the following season.

-Clubs that have started the season without paying their team’s fees in full may be subject to additional fines, fees and other disciplinary action which may include a full league suspension and / or -1 point overall standings.

-Clubs must submit their player roster onto the mobile application before the start of the season. After the start, any addition of players will generate a fee, which must be paid directly onto the app.

-If your club pays its fees by check that was subsequently declined by the bank, an additional administration fee of $ 25 will be charged.

-Resistance to settle club fees will be passed on to a collection agency and fines and additional fees will be levied on the original invoice.

-The club accepts that federal and provincial taxes be added to each invoice issued. No exceptions to this rule

-Once the season has started there is no refund for any reason. Force Majeur cases will be dealt on an individual basis.

-All late payments will result in an automatic late fee of $ 50.

-Under exceptional case, a refund is possible 30 days before the first kick-off, at a penalty of 25%.

3) Player fines

-The CCSL will experiment during the summer 2021 season with our mobile application in regards to player fines. If players receive a yellow or red card, the application will charge the said player a fine.  This fine must be settled before the players’ next game. Failure to do so, will block the player from playing in their next game.

4) League uniforms and patches
-Each club is required to wear uniforms, which are the same tops, and the same shorts and socks.
-All uniforms must have a unique number on the back, including the goalkeeper.
-All uniforms, without exception, must have the league patch on the uniform.

-League patch can be printed on a uniform against a $5 license fee per uniform.

5) Weather forecast and match cancellation
The league follows FIFA standard protocol for all weather related issues surrounding matches.

All weather conditions are acceptable for matches with the following exceptions

• Thunder and lightning

• Field flooding

• Earthquake, hurricane, tornado and/or volcano

In the event of any of these weather conditions, the league will cancel matches and seek to reschedule matches later.

In case of cancellation of the match, the league reserves the right to issue either a compensation in the form of a credit or a match postponement.

6) League Mobile Application
-The league will use a mobile application which will act as a “track & trace” to insure that all players remain safe and in safety in case a confirmed positive case of virus infection in detected in the league.

-All participants, without exception, must download the application onto their mobile phone in order to qualify to play in the league.

7) Liability
All players accept that soccer is a contact sport and that injuries can and may happen from time to time. In under no circumstance, will the league be held liable for any and all injuries endured during the course of participation by any members of teams, whether it is a player or a coach or a volunteer.

VIRUS PANDEMIC: Players, coaches and other participants willingly know that participating in a group activity increases their chances to become infected with a virus. Under no circumstances will the league be held liable by any member. All league members have the full responsibility to inform the league in case they are subject to symptoms and/or infection of a virus.

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