Premiership 2.0

Premiership 2.0

Montreal (CA); The Canadian Corporate Soccer League (CCSL), Canada’s premier corporate league announces today the rebranding of the Premiership.  The Premiership, which started in Montreal in 2009, will be rebranded and spun as a separate league offering an elite product in the adult recreational soccer landscape.

“Our Premiership has long ago stopped representing corporate teams, this move makes sense for our league and for the future of Premiership,” said Albert Zbily, President of CCSL.  “The last time a corporate team won the Premiership, was in 2011, it is time we give this division the credit it deserves,” he concluded.

The Premiership division is the only elite division of the CCSL which offers a summer 11-a-side option with a full 90 minutes.  The division offers a 4-referee crew at every game, with limited substitution and a summer season playing at the Molson Stadium in Montreal.

The Premiership will receive a full makeover with a new logo and its own social media feeds.  The CCSL will spin the Premiership as a new league dedicated to a higher level of soccer within the recreational market.  New initiatives will be tested as the league keeps growing.

Games of the Premiership will be filmed and highlights will be edited to present a general amateur soccer show for its members.

“We are actually quite excited about the rebranding and of the new direction, since we can now focus on the true nature of this division and bring back some of the rich history, we built over the past 10 years,” Albert concluded.

The new Premiership division will run on Sundays at the Molson Stadium this summer with 8 teams.  Follow the action on the social media streams of the Premiership



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